Online Art Gallery


Welcome to the CaleyArt On Line Gallery

Just like a real gallery our On Line Virtual Gallery provides a number of different sections and functions:

  • A display of paintings by our resident artist - Peter Jean Caley - most of which are available for sale. You can view these with information about them and the price if they are currently for sale by clicking here or in the title menu bar above to view the Featured Paintings section.

  • Gift cards featuring the paintings of Peter Jean Caley

  • Art paper prints are available in A4 (about 8" x 12"), A3 (about 16" x 12") or for some of the bigger paintings in A2 (about 24" x 16"). The range of these can be examined by clicking on the  Maori,   Landscape  or  Birds  catalogue pages in the title bar menu above. These are standardised prints based on the size of the metric paper sizes indicated, for this reason they may be slightly cropped to fit on the page.

  • Giclee prints are available, on linen canvas, in a range of different sizes. These preserve the full detail of the painting so their dimensions are variable, but for ordering purposes they are assigned standard sizes, in each instance the exact dimensions of the particular print will mean the painting has approximately the same surface area as the designated size

  • 24 of the paintings have been reproduced on 63 x 50 mm (2.5 x 2 inch) Fridge Magnets. The range of paintings and the actual designs are illustrated in the Fridge Magnet pages.